Award: PhD-MClSc (CAMPEP) Candidate Dante Capaldi receives RSNA Trainee Research Prize

Congratulations to Dante Capaldi, PhD-MClSc (CAMPEP) Candidate with the Department of Medical Biophysics, on receiving the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Trainee Research Prize.

Capaldi was awarded the prize for his research project entitled "Measuring Specific Ventilation using Four-dimensional Magnetic Resonance Ventilation Imaging: A Novel Physiological Biomarker of Asthma". He is supervised by Grace Parraga, PhD.

The RSNA Annual Meeting is the flagship international conference of the radiology community. This recognition acknowledges the importance of Capaldi's work by the community of medical and health professionals who will be able to use the tools he has developed for the improvement of care for those suffering from asthma.