Research: Scientists take part in Reddit AMA

MicrobiomeRschTeam.jpgDrs. Greg Gloor, Gregor Reid, Jeremy Burton and Jean Macklaim participated in a Science AMA (Ask Me Anything) Series following the publication of their “The Gut Microbiota of Healthy Aged Chinese Is Similar to That of the Healthy Young” study.

Their study, one of the largest microbiota studies conducted in humans, has shown a potential link between healthy aging and a healthy gut.

During the AMA, the team of researchers from Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and Lawson Health Research Institute answered over 30 questions relating to the study as well as other questions relating to probiotics and the human microbiome. Diet, environment, and fecal transplants were some of the topics reddit users wanted to discuss.

Each of the researchers also weighed in on the medical breakthroughs in microbiome and probiotic research in the future.  


With more than 73 million unique visitors a month, Reddit is an online community where registered users vote submitted content up or down in popularity. One of the most visible features on the 'front page of the Internet' is the AMA, where notable and/or interesting individuals answer direct questions from the community. 

More information about the study and the full AMA can be found on Reddit.