Brian Corneil named Faculty Scholar

Congratulations to Brian Corneil on being named a Faculty Scholar by Western University.

Corneil, a professor in the department of physiology and pharmacology and a Robarts scientist was recognized along with 10 others from across the University for significant achievements in teaching and research.

Corneil's research focuses on understanding how the brain controls movement. Accurate movements require complex sensori-motor transformations that integrate multiple signals including current body configuration and end-goal motivation.To understand these transformations, he and his team examine eye-head gaze shifts that rapidly change line of sight. These coordinated movements are produced by the oculomotor system, which has traditionally served as an excellent window into brain function in both healthy and disease states.

The recipients of the Faculty Scholar Awards are considered all-around scholars and will hold the title of Faculty Scholar for two years and receive $7,000 each year for scholarly activities.

The complete list of 2017 Faculty Scholars are:

Thy Phu, English and Writing Studies, Arts and Humanities;

Stuart Webb, Faculty of Education;

Laura Misener, School of Kinesiology, Health Sciences;

Dave Walton, School of Physical Therapy, Health Sciences;

Valerie Oosterveld, Faculty of Law;

Brian Corneil, Physiology and Pharmacology, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry;

Rogemar Mamon, Department of Applied Mathematics, Science;

Els Peeters, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Science;

Laura Huey, Department of Sociology, Social Science;

Mark Cleveland, DAN Management and Organization Studies, Social Science; and

Robert MacDougall, Department of History, Social Science.