Special Feature: Top 5 Stories About the Heart

Stories About the HeartTo celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re revisiting some of our favourite stories about the heart. From the lab to the clinic and even the bookshelf, our faculty members are busy exploring matters of the heart.

Exploring spare parts for diseased hearts
Shelley McKellar, PhD, is exploring the development of artificial hearts. But unlike her colleagues, she isn’t conducting her research in a lab or an operating room. At the time of this article, McKellar was working on the final chapter of her book documenting the history of the artificial heart.

Finding (bio)chemistry in the lab
While completing postdoctoral fellowships, Ilka Heinmann and Patrick O’Donoghue didn’t just fall in love with their research projects.

The heart of the matter
Dr. Anthony Tang, a world-renowned cardiologist and researcher, leads CANet, a $26.3-million, Canada-wide network focused on improving arrhythmia care.

Putting heart into a career of transplantation
Dr. Neil McKenzie, the 2015 recipient of the Dean's Lifetime Achievement Award, reflects on his career highlights, including the completion of the first successful heart transplant in Canada.

Video: Profiles of Excellence – Vascular Biology Group, Robarts Research Institute
This team of researchers works to better understand and treat cardiovascular disease with the goal of creating a healthier future.