Drs. Robert Gratton and Nicholas Power receive two Provincial Innovation Awards

Congratulations to Drs. Robert Gratton and Nicholas Power for receiving two of the five Provincial Innovation Awards from the Innovation Fund Provincial Oversight Committee.

Dr. Gratton, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, received the award for the category System Coordination, Guidelines and Education for his project entitled, “Optimization of Patient Flow: Implementation of a Fast Track Assessment Pathway in Obstetrical Triage”. Obstetrical triage units faced with overcrowding, prolonged wait times, and limited resources will be able to use the new reliable obstetrical triage tool. 

Dr. Power, Department of Surgery, received the award for the category Cancer Care and Mental Health for his project entitled, “Predicting drug resistance in metastatic renal cell carcinoma: Individualizing targeted therapy by xenografting patient tumors into chick embryos”. The project is testing a new method of personalizing drug therapy that depends less on static genetic changes and more on dynamic cancer biologic behavior.

The awards will be presented at the Innovation Fund Showcase 2016 on November 17 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.