Dr. Samuel Asfaha receives $300,000 in funding through CIHR Clinician Scientist – Phase 2 program

Dr. Sam Asfaha

Congratulations to Dr. Samuel Asfaha, an assistant professor in the Departments of Medicine and Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, on receiving $300,000 in funding over three years through the CIHR Clinician Scientist – Phase 2 program.

Dr. Asfaha received the funding for his project entitled, “Identifying and Targeting Intestinal Stem Cells in Inflammation and Cancer”, which aims to identify and characterize the stem cells of the gut. The funding will allow Dr. Asfaha and his lab to better manipulate these cells for regenerative therapy and identify new targets for cancer therapy.

The clinician-scientist explained it is wonderful to receive this award, and is excited about the opportunity to propel his research forward.

“It is vitally important that funders such as CIHR continue to support researchers and clinician-scientists such as myself, as awards like this allow for protection of time that gives us the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge scientific research,” he said.