Dr. Richard McLachlan receives Canadian League Against Epilepsy’s 2015 Wilder Penfield Award

Dr. Richard McLachlan

Congratulations to Dr. Richard McLachlan on receiving the Canadian League Against Epilepsy’s (CLAE) 2015 Wilder Penfield Award.

Dr. McLachlan, a professor in the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, received this prestigious award for his outstanding lifetime clinical and research contributions in epilepsy. The Wilder Penfield Award is considered the highest award given in Canada for epilepsy care.

“I have always focused on promoting epilepsy care and research within Canada, so I am grateful to be recognized by my national colleagues with the Wilder Penfield Award,” Dr. McLachlan said. “I was fortunate to receive the Jasper Young Investigator Award when I first started, and I am happy now to say my career has been book ended by accolades honouring these two great champions of Canadian epileptology.”