Hon Leong the first researcher to receive Movember Rising Star Award twice

Hon Leong, PhD

Congratulations to Hon Leong, PhD, an assistant professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and scientist at Lawson Health Research Institute, on receiving the Prostate Cancer Canada (PCC) and Movember Foundation Fund 2016 Rising Star Award.

This is the second time Leong has received the Rising Star Award, making him the only researcher to ever receive it twice.

Leong will receive approximately $450,000 over three years for his research project which will deliver novel drugs that halt the spread of prostate cancer. This will help determine if they are effective in stopping metastasis in the majority of prostate cancer cell lines, with the goal of representing a new class of therapies for the treatment of patients with advanced prostate cancer.

The passionate researcher explained this grant carries a lot of weight and will accelerate his laboratory's progress.

"The Rising Star Award is the most powerful grant mechanism in Canada today for scientists just starting their independent research career," Leong said. "Being recognized as a Rising Star in Prostate Cancer Research is a tremendous honor that also requires a deep sense of responsibility to prostate cancer patients all over the world. My goal is to develop novel drugs that halt prostate cancer metastasis and this grant definitely brings us closer to that goal."