Master of Public Health Program staff receive 2015 Western Award of Excellence

Congratulations to Courtney Hambides, Lisa Metselaar, Diana Lee and Judith Thomas on receiving a 2015 Western Award of Excellence — the University's highest honour for staff member achievement.

Nominated for their leadership within the program, the Master of Public Health Program staff was celebrated for their unusual ability to balance the administrative detail necessary to run things smoothly with the people skills needed in the day-to-day process.

“The team is an absolute delight to work with. Their cooperative nature is an excellent bridge between faculty and students," said Dr. Amardeep Thind, director of the Interfaculty Program in Public Health. "Their commitment to service is exemplified by the long hours each put in as we prepared for our inaugural accreditation site visit. We are among the handful of programs in North America deemed ready for accreditation within a year of starting up; this was possible only due to the stupendous efforts put in by the staff."

"Last, but certainly not the least, their personal character is unimpeachable,” Dr. Thind added.

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