Celebrating the Medicine Class of 2015 with Dr. Phil Tremblay

Phillip Tremblay, Medicine Class of 2015

He appeared on stage for only a few fleeting moments – enough time for a brush of the cape and one quick line with that infamous deep, raspy voice. The caped crusader himself.

But it wasn’t Bruce Wayne under the batman mask at Tachycardia 2015 – it was, the newly graduated Dr. Phil Tremblay.

“It was my first year taking part in Tachy,” he said chuckling. “I’m not a trained actor by any means, so it was basically the role of a lifetime.”

Dr. Tremblay may not stand out in a crowd quite like the Dark Knight (he does not currently drive a Batmobile or own an armoured suit), but the 26-year-old now has something his billionaire character does not – a medical degree.

And as a member of the graduating Medicine Class of 2015 with the Schulich Medicine – Windsor Program, he recently walked across the Convocation stage to officially receive that hard-earned piece of paper.

Looking back on his time at the School, Dr. Tremblay credits his classmates with making the four-year experience an exceptional one.

“Our tight-knit friendship and camaraderie has been truly remarkable,” he said. “We’ve shared in each other’s good and bad experiences, have had a lot of fun together and we’ve all worked extremely hard.”  

Being in his hometown of Windsor has also been special for Dr. Tremblay. He is proud and grateful to be a product of the Windsor Program. “The enthusiasm from the Windsor community and our clinical instructors is unparalleled,” he said. “That enthusiasm really comes across and made for such an enjoyable learning experience.”

For Dr. Tremblay, Dr. Amit Bagga stands out as someone who was particularly influential for the Class of 2015 and an informal class mentor for the 38 students in Windsor. “He supported us with whatever we needed, from advice to food to exam prep,” he said.

As a salute to their medical school memories, Dr. Tremblay and a group of his classmates are embarking on a final journey together after Convocation, travelling to Hong Kong, Laos and Vietnam.

“We always talked about doing a big, celebratory trip at the end of our four years,” he explained.

Dr. Tremblay will return from overseas to start a residency in family medicine in Windsor. It’s his Gotham City. “My friends laugh because I never want to leave Windsor,” he said with a smile. “But I’m happy here – it’s a great place to live and work.”

As a family physician, Dr. Tremblay plans to continue using Windsor has a home base.
He says the flexibility and diversity of his chosen speciality is appealing. “I’ll get to see such a diverse patient population, crossing all generations and a wide range of medical problems,” he said with energy. “Getting to know patients on this primary level also means I can provide exemplary, preventative care.”

Dr. Tremblay is pleased that he can continue building well-established relationships with Windsor Program faculty members through the two-year residency program.

And while distance will separate his fellow classmates, he knows the relationships formed between his peers won’t just become faded memories. “I look forward to keeping up with my class and what everyone is accomplishing across the country and around the world,” he said.

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry congratulates Phil and the entire Medicine Class of 2015 on their incredible achievements during the past four years and on their graduation.