Strong local connection in 2015 CaRMS match

The 2015 CaRMS match results had a strong local connection with 42 per cent of Schulich Medicine students pursuing their postgraduate medical education at Western University, and a majority of students continuing their education in the Southwestern and Central regions of Ontario.
Psychiatry was the third most common career choice for Schulich Medicine students, after more than 40 per cent chose Family Medicine and 15 per cent Internal Medicine, reflecting the current identified priorities of Canadian health care.

“Through faculty mentorship and curriculum, our students build their understanding of the needs of society, communities and patients,” said Dr. Gary Tithecott, associate dean, Undergraduate Medical Education. “We are proud of our students succeeding in this first step of the next stage of their careers. Our School’s results consider the projected needs of patient care throughout the next several decades. We will review our results and the national match results to ensure our students’ continued success in the future.”

Overall Schulich Medicine’s results mirror the national results.

“We congratulate those students who were successful in the first round of the match, many of whom were matched to some of the most competitive programs in the country,” said Dr. Michael Rieder, assistant dean, Learner Equity & Wellness. “School leaders and staff have met with our unmatched students and we are supporting their career expectations including a residency position in the CaRMS second round.” “Meeting the health needs of our region and province in an increasingly complex environment is critical to our mission as a School and University,” said Dr. Rieder. “Schulich Medicine is confident our graduates’ career choice will support a strong health care system over their professional lifetime.”