In Memoriam - Dr. Colin Nisbet

It is with sadness that we report the passing of Dr. Colin Nisbet, respected faculty member with Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Windsor Program and Emergency Room Physician at Windsor Regional Hospital.

Throughout his life Dr. Nisbet had equal passion for both medicine and flying airplanes. He moved to Canada in 1973 from Scotland, and set up practice in Rainy River, Ontario. He also obtained his Commercial Pilot License. A few years later he moved to Manitoba, where he split is time working in the Emergency Department, and bush flying.

In 2005, he moved to Windsor and began working full time in the ER. He continued to fly recreationally, and also began working towards his Commercial Helicopter License, which he obtained in 2011. It is during these last nine years that Dr. Nisbet made a lasting mark on the ER community in Windsor. His excellent medical knowledge and skill made him a perennial favorite among students, and widely respected by his ER and specialist colleagues.

According to his wishes, there will not be a funeral service; however, online condolences sent to will be forwarded to his family.