Alison Allan, PhD, receives Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation grant

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) – Ontario Region is investing $7.5 million in funding for 24 new research project grants and fellowship awards related to innovative solutions for breast cancer. Congratulations to Alison Allan, PhD, Associate Professor, Departments of Oncology and Anatomy & Cell Biology, on receiving one of these grants.

Allan’s research will take on one of the most common and deadly sites for breast cancer metastasis — the lung. She will be studying the lung environment to determine whether specific proteins can mediate breast cancer metastasis.

“The underlying factors that cause and regulate breast cancer metastasis remain poorly understood,” Allan said. “This project will help uncover new lung-specific molecular factors that contribute to the process, with the overall goal of translating this knowledge into new therapeutic agents to better treat breast cancer and better identify and track metastasis in patients.”

The grants awarded by CBCF will help expand our knowledge and improve practice in all areas of breast cancer, including prevention, detection, treatment and support for individuals living with the disease.

Read the full CBCF media release here.