UME Accreditation comes to a close

Our 2015 UME Accreditation visit ended just a few short hours ago. Throughout the nearly four days of meetings and interviews, we have had the opportunity to share information about the strengths of our UME Program and School, while highlighting the many accomplishments of our faculty, staff, residents and students.

We are very pleased with the visit and we are grateful to everyone who was involved. We will formally receive our results in October 2015, and we look forward to sharing the news with you at that time.

Thanks to everyone who assisted with the planning and preparation of the visit, and who participated in the meetings and interviews. A special note of thanks goes to Dr. Shannon Venance, who served as the faculty lead for the UME Accreditation, Matt Wannan, who served as the logistics coordinator, and Susan Paroutis, who served as administrative lead, and to all the members of the UME team.

Dr. Michael J. Strong
Dean, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, 
Western University