Celebrating our People

We are pleased to announce the 2015 Awards of Excellence award recipients and the recipient of the Dr. John D. Brown Memorial Resident Award.

It is with great pride that we honour these talented and dedicated individuals. We look forward to celebrating each of them at the Celebration of Excellence event, May 20, at the Great Hall.

Purchase your tickets by May 13, 2015.

Schulich Excellence in Education Awards for Undergraduate Education
Schulich Leader Award
Dr. Anita Woods, Physiology and Pharmacology

Schulich Educator Awards
Dr. Carla Garcia, Psychiatry
Dr. Shannon Arntfield, Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Schulich Excellence in Education Awards for Graduate/Postgraduate
Schulich Leader Award
Dr. Judith Brown, Family Medicine

Schulich Educator Awards
Dr. Michele Weir, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Daniel Grushka, Family Medicine
Dr. Grace Parraga, Medical Biophysics

Dean’s Awards of Excellence for Faculty
Multiple Areas
Dr. George Vilos, Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Samuel Siu, Medicine
Dr. Janet Pope, Medicine
Dr. Frank Beier, Physiology and Pharmacology

Junior Faculty
Dr. Brad Urquhart, Physiology and Pharmacology

Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Neil McKenzie, Surgery

Schulich Award for Excellence for Faculty in Distributed Sites
Dr. Robert Black, Surgery

Schulich Continuing Dental Educator Award
Dr. Wim Oudshoorn, Dentistry

Schulich Continuing Medical Educator Award
Dr. Varinder Dua, Psychiatry

Schulich Professional Development Educator Award
Dr. Herschel Rosenberg, Paediatrics

Dean's Awards of Excellence for Staff
Kevin Barr, Anatomy and Cell Biology
Elana Whelan, Human Resources
Penny Sim, Physiology and Pharmacology
Laura Gabriel, Departments of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and Ophthalmology

Team Award
Family Medicine Post Graduate Team
Ms. Dianne Brooks
Ms. Lin Hill
Ms. Kelsey Klages
Ms. Liz McInnis
Mr. Fred Ross
Ms. Sharon Story

Dr. John D. Brown Memorial Resident Award
Dr. Heather Emmerton-Coughlin, Surgery