Arthritis Society grants fund research projects at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

New funding from the Arthritis Society announced this week will directly benefit two Schulich Medicine & Dentistry researchers working on projects that have promise to deliver practical solutions for people with arthritis.

The funding is being directed toward both established researchers as well as providing young investigators with their first opportunities to explore novel ideas within the field of arthritis.

Here at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry the research awards will support Dr. Lillian Barra who has been investigating two novel approaches to reveal what makes those with rheumatoid arthritis more susceptible to accelerated atherosclerosis, as well as PhD student Man-Ger Sun for a project entitled, “the role of LXR in osteoarthritis and chondrocyte differentiation.”

“Canadians with arthritis should know that we are fast approaching real answers to questions that have puzzled arthritis researchers for decades,” says Joanne Simons, chief mission officer at The Arthritis Society. “More sophisticated equipment and advanced technology have enabled us to study disease development and progression more accurately than ever.”

The Arthritis Society also directed $300,000 toward Canadian medical schools that will help further develop research at local arthritis centres across the country and enhance the training of new rheumatologists at teaching hospitals.