Dr. Michael Rieder honoured with 2014 Distinguished University Professorship (DUP)

Dr. Michael Rieder, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Wellness, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and Robarts Research Institute Scientist, was recruited to Western in 1998 and is currently a professor in the departments of Paediatrics, Medicine and Physiology & Pharmacology.

Focusing on investigating the pathogenesis of serious immune-mediated adverse drug affects, Dr. Rieder’s lab at Robarts is one of only a handful in the world undertaking such research. His lab has developed new ways that provide new insights into the study of adverse drug events, garnering numerous recognitions and awards. His impressive collection of publications includes three books, 26 chapters and more than 200 peer-reviewed manuscripts.

“Without question, Michael Rieder remains as one of the most distinguished professionals in all of academic paediatrics; a status he has attained through harnessing a keen intellect, an uncompromising zeal for learning and teaching others and, at his very core, the need to improve the lives of children,” said Gregory Kearns, professor of paediatrics and pharmacology at the University of Missouri. “In my 30-year career in academic paediatrics, I can think of no individual more deserving to be honoured.”

In addition to his service to the academic community, Dr. Rieder and his family have been active in service to the local community. He and his wife are foster parents who, over the past 13 years, have fostered more than 150 medically fragile infants. They described their experiences in a book, A Star for Rae, which was written for foster families.

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