$3.5 million in NSERC funding supports research and discovery at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry researchers will receive more than $3.5 million in funding during the next five years through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s (NSERC) Discovery Grants program. 

Minister of Science and Technology, Ed Holder, was at Western University to announce the more than $340 million in funding across Canada, including more than $15 million for Western University researchers and trainees.

“By supporting 3,500 researchers and students in Canada, our Government is providing the right kind of help to push the frontiers of knowledge in science and engineering,” said Holder. “In so doing, we are developing, attracting and retaining the world’s most talented researchers who carry out the scientific research that creates jobs and prosperity and improves the quality of life of Canadians.”

This round of funding represented a banner year for the Department of Biochemistry at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry; five researchers in the Department received grants from NSERC for the first time this year including David Litchfield, PhD, who resumes his position as chair of the Department on July 1.

Litchfield will receive $180,000 over five years to design a chemical biology toolkit to monitor the role of protein kinases in live cancer cells. “This funding is important to be able to do fundamental discovery-based research,” he said. “In our lab, the funding will allow us to develop novel strategies to monitor the transmission of regulatory signals in living cells.”

Litchfield was one of almost 30 researchers at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry who were funded in this round:

Donglin Bai –Physiology & Pharmacology

Ismail Ben Ayed –Medical Biophysics

Jeffrey Carson –Medical Biophysics

Yun-Hee Choi – Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Wing-Yiu Choy – Biochemistry

Blaine Chronik – Medical Biophysics, Physics & Astronomy

Lina Dagnino – Physiology & Pharmacology

Christopher Ellis – Medical Biophysics

Daniel Goldman – Medical Biophysics

S.M. Mansour Haeryfar – Microbiology and Immunology

Douglas Hamilton – Anatomy and Cell Biology

Ilka Heinemann – Biochemistry

Dwayne Jackson – Medical Biophysics

Shuo Li – Medical Biophysics

Hong Ling – Biochemistry

David Litchfield – Biochemistry

Stephen Lomber – Physiology & Pharmacology

Penny MacDonald – Clinical Neurological Sciences

John McCormick – Microbiology and Immunology

Patrick O’Donoghue - Biochemistry

Adrian Owen – Brain & Mind Institute

Terry Peters – Robarts Research Institute

Michael Poulter – Physiology and Pharmacology and Robarts Research Institute

Frank Prato – Medical Biophysics

Abbas Samani – Medical Biophysics, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Peter Stathopulos – Physiology and Pharmacology

Xiufien Zheng - Pathology