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    Student Labs: Beginning of a new academic year

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    Spring Convocation: Our Chair, Dr. Jane Rylett

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    Annual Fall Cornroast: Faculty, staff, students, and families invited

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    Retirement Party: Our staff and faculty

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    Annual Stevenson Dinner: Some of our graduate students


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Why Choose Physiology and Pharmacology


Accelerated MSc Program


Research and Teaching


Courses and Modules

Our new accelerated MSc Program offers students an opportunity to fast-track
Home to a rich diversity of world class teachers and researchers, covering five major areas of study
Experience undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, and postgraduate programs
Featured Grad Student

Featured Graduate Student

Featured Faculty

Featured Faculty Member

Student Council

Graduate Student Council

Meet our graduate students and learn why they chose to pursue Physiology and Pharmacology
Learn stories behind our highly specialized scientists, as well as some of their passions for life
A great way for graduate students to become involved within the department

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