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Schulich Dentistry education programs receive accreditation status

Schulich Dentistry underwent an accreditation process in 2017, receiving approved accreditation status across the four dental education programs – Doctor of Dental Surgery, Internationally Trained Dentists, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Graduate Orthodontics.

The process is led by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC), which, in consultation with its partners, develops and approves requirements for educational programs educating and training dentists, dental specialists, dental interns/residents, dental hygienists and dental assistants.

Dentistry Class of 2007 supports DOCS

In recognition of their 10-year anniversary, the Dentistry Class of 2007 generously gifted more than $5,000 to the Dental Outreach Community Service (DOCS) program at the School.

Dr. Jon Mahn, DDS'07, helped organize the reunion activities and says it was important for class members to show appreciation to the place where their careers began, and to support a community-focused program.

“For graduating dentists, the DOCS experience is so vital to the essence of our profession, not only for providing for a population in need, but to capture the meaning of service and the impact it can have on our patients," he said. "As this program embodied the spirit of our class and of our School as a whole, it was fitting to celebrate 10 years with a chance to further an incredible initiative of which Schulich Dentistry and the Western community can be proud.”

Dental researchers use proteins in saliva to diagnose and find clues about Zika virus

SiqueiraDr. Walter Siqueira is examining proteins and peptides in salvia in order to detect a person’s exposure to Zika virus. By analying the saliva of a pregnant mother infected with Zika, and her twins – one born with microcephaly and one without – Dr. Siqueira and his research team were able to pinpoint the specific protein signature for Zika that is present in saliva. The team has received a provisional US patent to develop a simple device that can be used to identify Zika virus peptides in saliva outside the laboratory.

Awarding excellence in administration and leadership

Dr. Richard Bohay received the Dean’s Award of Excellence for Faculty in 2017, in recognition of his dedication, leadership, integrity and ability to make the most difficult projects doable. He served as Acting Director of Schulich Dentistry from 2015 to 2017 - a role he also served in from 2011-2012.

His contributions to Dentistry are numerous and include his leadership of the curriculum team, which developed and implemented a new dentistry curriculum. In the past two years, Dr. Bohay has been leading the School through a strategic planning process, the redevelopment of the Dentistry Simulation Laboratory, the operationalization of the Dentistry Surgical Unit, the implementation of the new digital radiology system and Accreditation. 

Schulich Dentistry alumni honoured

During Homecoming festivities in October, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry presented the Alumni of Distinction Awards, recognizing the tremendous contributions and achievements of our alumni.

Paul RomansonAlumni of Distinction – Dentistry
Dr. Paul Romanson, DDS’72

In 1981, Dr. Paul Romanson began teaching dentistry students the art and science of dentistry. His commitment to education continues today at Schulich Dentistry, where he serves as an adjunct clinical professor. Throughout his career, Dr. Romanson has played leadership roles in the London & District Dental Society and the Ontario Dental Society. He has also been involved with the Dental Outreach Community Service (DOCS) program which serves the dental needs of disadvantaged and low-income families and individuals. He is a fellow of the International College of Dentistry, The Pierre Fauchard Academy and the American College of Dentists.

Shawn SteeleYoung Alumni of Distinction – Dentistry
Dr. Shawn Steele, BA’01, DDS’05, JD'13

Dr. Shawn Steele is described as a caring and compassionate dentist, a committed educator, community leader and advocate for social justice in oral health care. After graduating with his dentistry degree in 2005, Shawn continued on a path to pursuing more education while giving back to the community through volunteer roles and as an adjunct professor in dentistry. During this time, he earned a Master of Education and a law degree. He’s well known for his desire to increase access to dental care for the most vulnerable in our community, while working closely to develop a model of dental outreach at Parkwood Institute and the Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care. He is credited with changing a long-standing policy of only treating inpatients, so that patients can continue to be treated at these hospital sites as outpatients.

New faculty and residency appointments


  • Dr. Sheila Butler

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery (OFMS) Resident

  • Dr. Jeff Lovell

General Practice Residency (GPR) Residents

  • Dr. Damir Rosic
  • Dr. Amy Yuan
  • Dr. Hanadi Al-Arasi
  • Dr. Kanav Gupta
  • Dr. Sandhya Ahuja

Congratulations to the Schulich Dentistry Class of 2017

Jennifer Archibald, Quintessence Research Award; Alpha Omega Award; American Academy of Periodontology Award
Sumayyah China
Surya Dogra
Thomas Filgiano, Professionalism Award
Ahferom Gebremedhin
Shabnam Gholoobi
Jessica Gubernat
Christie Han
Matthew Harper, Senior Award in Paediatric Dentistry
Brett Hawley, Academy of Dentistry for the Disabled Award
Justin Hockley
Pourya Honarvar
Samira Hossain
Oies Hussein, 3M Canada Clinical Award in Restorative Dentistry; Quintessence Award in Restorative Dentistry; Toronto Academy Crown & Bridge Study Club
Toghrul Ibrahimli, Dr. Paul S. Sills Award in Prosthodontics
Steven Injic, Ontario Dental Association (ODA) Proficiency Award
Abid Jaffer
Arshil Jiwa
Alex Kim
Hye-Won (Hayley) Kim
Peter Kim
Melissa Koh
Joanne Lac
Raymond Lam
Wing Long (Vida) Lam, UWO Gold Medal; Quintessence Award in Periodontics; Senior Pathology Award; Oral Pathology Scholarship Award - Dr. George P. Wysocki Scholarship
Dongwook (David) Lee
Kirsten Lee, American Academy of Orofacial Pain Award
Joshua Lombardi
Yen Lu
Philip Lubus
Gregory Luvison
Chloe MacGowan (nee Grondin), London & District Dental Society (LDDS) Award; American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS)
Arpen Mahal, American Dental Society Anesthesiology Award
Namat-Maria Majaess
David Makar, Academy of General Dentistry Senior Student Award
Glynn Manchester, Michael Brooke Award in Oral Medicine
Yuliya Mulyar

Irrtisam Murtaza, Dr. Igor Bolta Memorial Award in Restorative Dentistry; Dr. Walter R. Teteruck Award in Fixed Prosthodontics
Yeong Ju (Julia) Noh
Yanjin Pan, American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology Award
Jin Eung Park
Michael Peng
Tahira Premji
Abdul Samadi
Darryl San Jose
Eun-Jung (Rachel) Shin
Michelle (Shelly) Stack
Nada Tabbara, Canadian Dental Association (CDA) Student Leadership Award
Jordana Tarrabain
Nicole Thomson
Michael Tiedemann, American Association of Endodontists Award
Elizabeth Waknine
Ce (Guessy) Wang
Heather Bi Shuo Wang
Kimberly Williams
Sara Worth, American Association of Orthodontics Award in Orofacial Growth; Dr. John C. McLister Service Award
Amy Yuan

Internationally Trained Dentists (ITD) Program

Sandhya Ahuja, Dr. Gerald Z. Wright Award; Dr. Kenneth F. Pownhall Memorial Scholarship; Dr. George Bedrosian Memorial Award in Restorative Dentistry
Hanadi Al-Arasi
Mridula Arora
Manvi Badhwar
Jaspreet Bhalla
Manisha Chauhan
Shveta Chugh, Dr. Glenn Walker Award
Chandni Desai
Kanav Gupta
Haba Harraq
Aydin Jodery Salimi
Tess John
Vidhu Kohli
Amit Makkar
Ramneet Manghera
Monisha Ravishankar
Aman Preet Singh Sachdeva
Dilraaj Sandhu
Kanwar Singh
Rashi Soni