Sleep Medicine

Electives in Sleep Medicine

  • Four-week clinical electives are available for residents and fellows interested in Sleep Medicine.
  • These electives will provide exposure to the common problems seen in sleep medicine.
  • These rotations are composed primarily of outpatient clinics in Sleep Medicine as well as limited exposure to sleep laboratory studies and their interpretation. 

Sleep Medicine Rotation

This is a clinical and laboratory based rotation with rare need to assess inpatients at the direction of one of the sleep physicians. Residents from multiple disciplines can attend: Respirology, Neurology, Pain Medicine and Psychiatry.

Coordinator: Dr. Alia Kashgari

Duration: The Sleep rotation is one block long.  Respirology residents are required to complete 2 blocks during their 2 year fellowship.


Training sites:

The programs clinics are located at London Health Science Centre (LHSC)- Victoria Hospital (VH) E tower 5th floor.

LHSC-University Hospital for the NIV clinics 4th floor

For pediatric clinics location, please contact Dr. St-Lauren

St Joseph hospital for ENT electives

 The Sleep and Apnea Assessment Unit is located at LHSC- VH, E tower 4th floor.


Teaching faculty:


Faculty  / Staff

Role in the program

Dr. Alia Kashgari, MBBS, FRCPC

Respirology and Adult Sleep Medicine

Program Director/ RPC chair

Adult Sleep / Respirology

Dr. William Reisman, MD, FRCPC

Respirology and Adult Sleep Medicine

Faculty Adult Sleep/ Respirology (RPC member)

Dr. Heather Racz, MD, FRCPC

Faculty Adult Sleep / Respirology

Dr. Mithu Sen, MD, FRCPC

Faculty Adult Sleep/ Respirology

Dr. Jennifer Bar, MD, FRCPC


Dr. Aaron St-Lauren MD, FRCPC

Faculty/ RPC member

Pediatric Sleep and Respirology

Dr. Brian Rotenberg

Faculty/ ENT and surgical rotation


Clinical Services:

 The patient volume allows for adequate exposure to  the breadth of sleep disorders. 

Perioperative consultations: for the bariatric patients and for inpatients who are recovering or undergoing urgent or   elective surgical procedures.

Sleep laboratory: There is a 9 bed facility that provides level-1 sleep studies. All under the supervision of a qualified polysomonographic technologist.

Access to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Interscorer Reliability module. 

Inpatient consultationsConsultations services to a variety of sleep conditions.  Eg OSA, OHS and nocturnal ventilation start-ups.


Educational Curriculum:

Journal Club, RC accredited, Quarterly meeting discussing updates in sleep practices. 

Bi-weekly educational curriculum to cover all the sleep disorders in the ICSD-3

Monthly RC accredited sleep rounds, attended by ENT, neurology, dental, psychiatry services. 


Residents Evaluations:

In-Training Evaluation Report (ITER), rotation specific ITERS must be filled out at the end of each rotation.


Program Evaluations:

The fellows anonymously fill out faculty and rotaiton evaluations.