Pulmonary Hypertension

UWO Respirology Adult PH Fellowship:

  • Focus: The diagnosis and clinical management of adult patients with PH, as well as clinical research in PH.
  • Start date: July to September is preferable
  • Duration: 1-2 years training
  • Funding: Negotiable
  • Experience: Applicants are required to have completed a Royal College accredited training program in Internal Medicine, Respirology, Cardiology or Rheumatology (Other disciplines can be considered with discussion)
Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Attend 2-3 times weekly Pulmonary Hypertension clinics with Dr. S Mehta
  • Assess, monitor, and manage patients with PH hospitalized at LHSC
  • Participate with Dr. Mehta as required in general Respirology clinics, some limited senior Respirology on-call coverage, bronchoscopy, PFT and cardiopulmonary exercise testing physiology interpretation.
  • Attend right-heart catheterization studies on patients with PH
  • Complete appropriate medical reports including consultation letters, follow-up assessment letters, inpatient consultations, exercise reports
  • Participate in Clinical Research trials of PH patients
  • Pursue at least 1 independent research project
  • Interact with and teach other trainees on the Respirology clinical teaching unit, including medical students, medical resident, Respirology fellows specifically about PH

In order to successfully complete the fellowship, the fellow will be expected to:

  • Be competent to function as an expert consultant in the care of adult patients with PH
  • Develop the expertise and skills to be able to recognize, investigate, and manage adult patients with various types of PH
  • Develop a strong basic science, physiologic, and clinical knowledge base relevant to PH
  • Develop and demonstrate professional characteristics including responsibility, intellectual curiosity, self-appraisal, compassion and the ability to communicate with peers and patients, and a commitment to continuing medical education
  • Develop the ability to teach other students/trainees specifically about PH
  • Develop the skills and attitudes to be able to independently develop and successfully run a PH clinic upon return to the home institution / university
  • Submit at least 1 scientific paper for publication