Elizabeth Osuch MD


Rea Chair of Affective Disorders

Med School: Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine
Residency: Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Health System
Additional Training: Research Fellowship -- National Institute of Mental Health, Biological Psychiatry Branch
Clinical area of expertise Mood disorders and treatment, trauma disorders and treatment, brief psychodynamic psychotherapy, systems evaluation
Email: elizabeth.osuch@lhsc.on.ca
Administrative Parther: Ellen Annett
Administrative Contact Information: ellen.annett@lhsc.on.ca
519.646.6000 x65188


As the Rea Chair of Affective Disorders, Dr. Osuch developed the First Episode Mood and Anxiety Program (FEMAP) in 2006, a clinical research and treatment program emphasizing early identification and intervention for mood and anxiety disorders (with and without secondary addictions) in an outpatient, youth-friendly setting.

Dr. Osuch's research involves two "streams". She conducts functional brain imaging research in mood disorders in youth populations and is working to identify fMRI biomarkers that make predictions of medication-class of response in emerging adults presenting with depression (major depressive disorder versus bipolar disorder). This work involves artificial intelligence algorithms and collaborations with colleagues at Queen's University, Georgia State University, Emory and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It also involves colleagues in the Department of Medical Biophysics locally.

The second stream of research involves health system evaluation and includes intermediate and long-term evaluation of the FEMAP model, as well as qualitative studies of patient experiences at FEMAP. This involves measurement of treatment outcomes as well as cost analyses and system implications of cost differences between FEMAP and usual care. This work is in collaboration with colleagues in the Departments of Family Medicine as well as Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

Dr. Osuch is cross appointed in the Department of Medical Biophysics and is part of the Lawson Research Health Institute in Neuroimaging in Mental Health.


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