Psychiatry Organizational Chart

Last Updated: May 4, 2022 Executive VP City Wide Dr. William Sischek Dean SSMD Dr. John Yoo CMO LHSC Dr. Adam Dukelow DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY  “Stronger together” Chair/Chief Psychiatry Dr. Chandlee Dickey VP, Patient Care & Quality SJHC: Jodi Younger VP MH & A LHSC: Tom McHugh VP Clinical Program – Children’s: Jatinder Bains PHYSICIAN SUPPORT EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS PATIENT CARE   *Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Division Chair  Dr. Patricia Hall  Admin: Tracy Henebry *General Adult Division Chair Dr. Volker Hocke  Admin: Sandi Hallock *Forensic Division Chair  Dr. Naghmeh Mokhber Admin: Margie Moretti  *Director of Research  Dr. Arlene MacDougall  Admin: Monique Lewis  SJHC Director of Research  & Innovation  Dr. Arlene MacDougall * Equity, Diversity, Inclusion &  Decolonization Lead Dr. Nnamdi Ugwunze Mentorship Lead Dr. Don Richardson  Peer-for-Peer Support  Dr. Mark Watling  Dr. Michelle Marlborough   *PGE Director Dr. James Ross Coordinators: Suzy Mendes & Bela Franze Associate PD:  Dr. Jonathan Gregory Assistant PD (Windsor): Dr. Pat Monteleone  Coordinator (Windsor): Alex Carson  *PGE Child & Adolescent Director Dr. Michelle Ngo Admin: Tracy Henebry  *PGE Geriatric Director Dr. Lisa VanBussel  Coordinator: Meghan Backtash *UGE Director Dr. Sreelatha Varapravan Coordinator: Janet Holmes *CPD Director Dr. Varinder Dua Coordinators: Kate Hayes & Jason Widdes Assistant PD: Vacant Extended Campus Program Director Dr. Giuseppe Guaiana Coordinator: Meghan Backtash *LHSC Site Chief: Dr. Mohamad Elfakhani (A. Mullen (Interim)) Admin: Sarah E. McLaughlin  Interim Geriatric Division Chief  Dr. Viraj Mehta (A. Mullen) Ambulatory MD  Dr. Kamini Vasudev (H. Oneschuk)  Admin: Amanda Tuckerman Addictions PCL TBD (H. Oneschuk)  Interim Adult Eating Disorders PCL Dr. Mohamad Elfakhani (H. Oneschuk)  FEMAP PCL  Dr. Beth Osuch (A. Mullen)  PEPP PCL  Dr. Julie Richard (H. Oneschuk)  Inpatient MD (including CEPS) Dr. Jedrin Ngungu (A. Mullen)  Admin: Prisca Kwale Jila C-L PCL  Dr. Jennifer Barr (A. Mullen)    *SJHC Site Chief: Dr. Viraj Mehta (J. Younger)  Admin: Melissa Monahan Interim Geriatric Division Chief  Dr. Viraj Mehta (M. Linley (InPt) & D. Gibson (AMB))  Dual Diagnosis PCL  Dr. Jay Rao (M. Linley)  Forensics MD Dr. Arun Prakash (J. Vandevooren)  OSI Clinic MD  Dr. Don Richardson (H. Tales) Assessment, Treatment & Rehab MD Dr. Robert Renwick (M. Linley (InPt) & D. Gibson (AMB))  Collaborative Care  Dr. Jatinder Takhar (R. Parrack)  Elgin PCL Vacant (R. Parrack) Therapeutic Brain Stimulation (TBS) Dr. Robert Renwick (K. Harloff)   *CHILDREN’S Site Chief: Dr. Patricia Hall (L. Mason) Admin: Tracy Henebry Ambulatory PCL Dr. Nina McCurdy (B. Brennan) Developmental Disabilities Dr. Rob Nicolson Coordinator: Sarah O’ Flanagan  Child & Adolescent Eating Disorders PCL  Dr. Aleksandra Nowicki (B. Brennan)  Inpatient/Emergency/C-L PCL  Dr. Joy Abramson (K. Patterson (Interim))    •Operational Manager PMDU, CAMH, B6-100/200: Kyna Patterson GENERAL ADMINISTRATION  *Manager, Administration and Finance: Jim McCormack  Financial Officer: Bernice James Financial Assistant: Nicole Watt  Faculty HR: Khushnum Khatow & Laura Willis  Chair/Chief Admin: Amy Ribera  Italics: Corporate partner or Academic  Coordinator  *: Psychiatry Leadership Council  AMB: Ambulatory Program  CEPS: Centralized Emergency Psychiatry Service  C-L: Consultation-Liaison  CPD: Continuing Professional Development  FEMAP: First Episode Mood and Anxiety Program  InPt: Inpatient Units    MD: Medical Director  OSI: Operational Stress Injury Clinic  PCL: Physician Clinical Lead  PD: Program Director  PEPP: Prevention and Early  Intervention Program  PGE: Postgraduate Medical Education  UGE: Undergraduate Education