Psychiatry Organizational Chart

Executive VP City Wide Dr. William Sischek Dean SSMD Dr. John Yoo CMO LHSC Dr. Adam Dukelow DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY “Stronger together” Chair/Chief Psychiatry Dr. Chandlee Dickey VP, Patient Care & Quality SJHC: Jodi Younger VP MH & A LHSC: Tom McHugh VP Clinical Program – Children’s: Jatinder Bains PHYSICIAN SUPPORT EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS PATIENT CARE *Vice Chair-Clinical *PGE Director *LHSC Site Chief: Dr. Mohamad Elfakhani (H. Lumley) Dr. Sarah Jarmain Dr. Vadim Beletsky Admin: Sarah E. McLaughlin Admin: Sue Bengen Coordinators: Suzy Mendes & Bela Franze Interim Geriatric Division Chief Associate PD: Dr. James Ross Dr. Viraj Mehta (H. Lumley) *Child & Adolescent Assistant PD (Windsor): Ambulatory MD Psychiatry Division Chair Dr. Pat Monteleone Dr. Kamini Vasudev (H. Oneschuk) Dr. Patricia Hall Coordinator (Windsor): Alex Carson Admin: Amanda Tuckerman Admin: Tracy Henebry Addictions PCL *PGE Child & Adolescent Director TBD (H. Oneschuk) *General Adult Division Chair Dr. Michelle Ngo Interim Adult Eating Disorders PCL Dr. Volker Hocke Admin: Tracy Henebry Dr. Mohamad Elfakhani (H. Oneschuk) Admin: Sandi Hallock FEMAP PCL *PGE Geriatric Director Dr. Beth Osuch (H. Oneschuk) Geriatric Division Chair Dr. Lisa VanBussel Neuropsychiatry MD: TBA Coordinator: Meghan Backtash Dr. Lena Palaniyappan (H. Lumley) PEPP PCL *Forensic Division Chair *UGE Director Dr. Julie Richard (H. Oneschuk) Dr. Naghmeh Mokhber Dr. Sreelatha Varapravan Inpatient MD (including CEPS) Admin: Margie Moretti Coordinator: Janet Holmes Dr. Jedrin Ngungu (A. Reid) Admin: Prisca Kwale Jila *Director of Research *CPD Director C-L PCL Dr. Arlene MacDougall Dr. Varinder Dua Dr. Jennifer Barr (A. Reid) Admin: Nicole Snake Coordinators: Kate Hayes & Jason Widdes Assistant PD: Dr. Svetlana Kotin *SJHC Site Chief: Dr. Viraj Mehta (J. Younger) SJHC Director of Research Admin: Melissa Monahan & Innovation Extended Campus Program Director Interim Geriatric Division Chief Dr. Arlene MacDougall Dr. Giuseppe Guaiana Dr. Viraj Mehta (M. Linley (InPt) & D. Gibson (AMB)) Coordinator: Meghan Backtash Dual Diagnosis PCL Mentorship Lead Dr. Jay Rao (M. Linley) Dr. Don Richardson Forensics MD Dr. Arun Prakash (J. Vandevooren) Peer-for-Peer Support OSI Clinic MD Dr. Mark Watling Dr. Don Richardson (H. Tales) Dr. Michelle Marlborough Assessment, Treatment & Rehab MD Dr. Robert Renwick (M. Linley (InPt) & D. Gibson (AMB)) Collaborative Care Dr. Jatinder Takhar (R. Parrack) Elgin PCL Dr. Sarah Jarmain (R. Parrack) GENERAL ADMINISTRATION Therapeutic Brain Stimulation (TBS) *Manager, Administration and Finance: Jim McCormack Dr. Robert Renwick (K. Harloff) Financial Officer: Bernice James Financial Assistant: Nicole Watt *CHILDREN’S Site Chief: Dr. Patricia Hall (L. Mason) Faculty HR: Khushnum Khatow & Laura Willis Admin: Tracy Henebry Chair/Chief Admin: Amy Ribera & Danielle McVeeney Ambulatory PCL Italics: Corporate partner or Academic Coordinator *: Psychiatry Leadership Council MD: Medical Director PD: Program Director PCL: Physician Clinical Lead PGE: Postgraduate Medical Education UGE: Undergraduate Education CPD: Continuing Professional Development CEPS: Centralized Emergency Psychiatry Service C-L: Consultation-Liaison FEMAP: First Episode Mood and Anxiety Program OSI: Operational Stress Injury Clinic PEPP: Prevention and Early Intervention Program InPt: Inpatient Units AMB: Ambulatory Program Dr. Nina McCurdy (B. Brennan) Developmental Disabilities Dr. Rob Nicolson Admin: Sarah O’ Flanagan Child & Adolescent Eating Disorders PCL Dr. Aleksandra Nowicki (M. Paglia) Inpatient/Emergency/C-L PCL Dr. Joy Abramson (M. Paglia) • Operational Manager PMDU, CAMH, B6-100/200: Kyna Patterson October 18, 2021