Musculoskeletal and Amputee

Amputee Rehabilitation Research Program

The Amputee Rehabilitation Research Program is clinically-based and under the direction of Dr. Michael Payne and Dr. Barry Death. The main focus of the research program is clinical outcome measure development for both inpatients and outpatients undergoing rehabilitation. This work encompasses the impact of various comorbidities, complications, and prosthetic prescriptions on functional outcomes. The goal of the program is to develop quality outcomes, that are universally accepted at all phases of the amputee rehabilitation continuum and across all models of amputee care, that more accurately capture the true mobility status of people with amputations than existing measures.  Recent additions to the program include anatomical and biomechanical analyses of the below-knee amputation model, with a goal of furthering our understanding of chronic residual limb morphological change.

Drs. Death and Payne have been key members in developing the Canadian Consensus Measures in Amputee Rehabilitation. Our program continues to work in a collaborative fashion with other amputee rehabilitation researchers in Canada with the objective of future multicenter outcome measure studies.