Cutaneous Oncology Multidisciplinary Clinic

Team Members

Dr. Scott Ernst (Chair) Dr. Kathryn Roth (Deputy Chair),Dr. Corey Moore, Dr. Leigh Sowerby
Radiation Oncology: Dr. V. Venkatesan, Dr. N. Read, Dr. B. Ahmad, Dr. J. Cao, Dr. A. Louie Dr. J. Gilchrist, J. Harriman
Medical Oncology: Dr. S. Ernst, Dr. D. Logan
Photodynamic Therapy: Dr. J. Gilchrist, Dr. B. Fisher, Dr. O. Vujovic, Dr. E. Yu, Dr. J. Cao, Dr. K. Jordan
Nursing: L. Derrah, T. Murray
Database Manager: A. TenHaaf


Melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer, primarily of the head and neck region, requiring multi-disciplinary  management.  Clinical Focus:  Primary lesion wide local excisions requiring facial reconstruction, and Mgt of regional nodal disease. 

Comprehensive melanoma care including wide local excision, sentinel node biopsy, regional node dissection/completion lymphadenectomy, adjuvant radiotherapy, systemic chemo/immunotherapy including clinical trials.

Research focus: quality assurance and clinical outcome measures, photoacoustic imaging, sentinel node biopsy in high-risk cutaneous SCC, ultrasound surveillance in melanoma.