Unrestricted/Internally Funded

Unrestricted or Internally Funded Research Projects are typically funded through Operating dollars and therefore expenditure eligibility needs to follow Schulich and Western polices (the stricter policy supersedes). Unrestricted or Internally Funded Research projects are required to be spent on research related expenses in which may not be eligible on other external or internal competitive research grants/awards.

Reasonable Expenses

  • Office computer to do research activities on campus
  • Cell phone expenses
  • Publication expenses
  • Lab start-up costs
  • Research conference expenses
  • Expenses that can be easily relatable to research activity on campus

Unreasonable Expenses

  • Home office equipment and furniture
  • Alcohol
  • Business class travel
  • Meals/Hospitality in which do not include an attendee external to Western (meals with fellow Western colleagues are not eligible)
*NOTE: Reviewers and Approvers are expected to question whether expenses submitted in an expense claim are reasonable. If you have any eligibility questions, please follow up with Schulich Finance for guidance. If an ineligible expense is approved incorrectly within the department, reimbursement of the expense may be requested by Schulich Finance.