Student Fee Donations

Many faculties and departments incorporate a donation into the ancillary fees that are collected with tuition fees. The amount of the donation varies and is based on the need or initiatives of each faculty. Students have the ability to opt out of the donation until September 30th.

Tax Receipts

As Western University is a registered charity, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) permits the University to issue charitable receipts for donations that support postsecondary education and research. Students who do not opt out of the donation will receive a charitable tax receipt that will be available to them electronically in Student Center.

Use of Donation

A charitable donation is given voluntarily with no benefit in return to the donor. The donation therefore becomes the property of the University and must be utilized in accordance with the University’s CRA registered mandate to support postsecondary education and research.

Approval of Spending

Each faculty will oversee their own process for the submission of proposals to be funded through Student Fee Donations. The students and respective Students Councils have the ability to recommend projects to be funded. Final approval for spending is the responsibility of the Dean or senior administrative officer with financial responsibility with the faculty or department.

Management of Donations and Spending

All donations and associated spending must be managed within the University’s general ledger in order to comply with CRA regulations. Funds cannot be transferred to a student group/union/organization to be managed. Approved expenses for internal services and purchases (i.e. Bookstore, Facilities Management) are paid by journal entry. All approved expenses from external vendors are paid through Mustang Market or by PCard where appropriate. Travel expense claims and travel advances may also be utilized in accordance with MAPP 2.16 Travel and Expense Reimbursement.

Where spending has been approved to support an event organized by the University’s Student Council (USC), the faculty/department will request an invoice from the USC to be processed through Mustang Market.