Policy Name: Hotels/Accommodations
Purpose: Policy outlines when using university funds for hotels/accommodations is an allowable expense.
Applies To: All faculty and staff
Effective: March 2021
Next Review Date: March 2026
Printable Copy: Hotels/Accommodations policy.pdf

Hotels/Accommodations Policy:

Hotel/Accommodations are required for legitimate university business. For the purposes of this policy, accommodations will be referred to as "hotel".

Booking your Stay:

Preferred hotels with negotiated discounts must be used wherever possible to take advantage of negotiated hotel rates. Western University and CAUBO negotiated hotel rates are found HERE.

Conference Group Rates:

Group rates available through conference organizers are acceptable and are preferred when offered. When not staying at the conference hotel, allowable hotel and transportation combined reimbursement amount is limited to the advertised conference hotel rate. For example if hotel and/or transportation costs exceed the advertised conference group hotel rate, the difference in cost is payable at the employee’s personal expense and cannot be paid for using university funds.

Upgraded Rooms:

Reimbursement for hotels and other lodging will be limited to the single occupancy, standard room accommodation. Any room upgrades are considered personal expenditures and must be paid for personally by the employee. Use of university funds is prohibited.

Parking at Hotel:

Where a hotel offers both self-park and valet parking, and employee requires parking; Western will reimburse up to the rate for self-parking.

Meals at Hotel:

When ordering meals from hotel restaurant, Western will reimburse up to the meal allowance rates or in accordance with the actual meal costs allowable under the National Joint Council rates, as outlined HERE.

Itemized original meal receipts must be provided to qualify for reimbursement of actual meal costs.

Meals included in conference fees, transportation, or accommodation charges are not eligible for reimbursement unless supported by additional explanation, e.g., allergies, diet restrictions.

Internet at Hotel:

Internet charges are eligible if not included in the cost of the room, and if required for business purposes.

Extended-Stay Requirements:

For accommodation in excess of 30 consecutive days in a single location, appropriate arrangements for suitable rental or board and lodging at weekly or monthly rates should be booked. Reasonable laundry expenses incurred while away for business for five (5) days or more are reimbursable.

Hotel Expense Reimbursement Claim Requirements:

Hotel invoice/receipt must indicate:

  • Check-in and check-out dates.
  • Name and location of the host establishment.
  • Invoice/receipt should be in employee's name.
  • Total charges including taxes and proof of payment.
  • If applicable, additional charges such as parking, meals, and internet must be itemized on the hotel invoice/receipt.
  • If proof of payment is not provided on the invoice provided, then additional proof of payment documentation is required, i.e. copy of credit card statement showing charges.
  • If employee choses to upgrade room type, documentation showing standard room pricing vs. upgraded room pricing is required. Only the standard room rate amount will be reimbursed.

Policy Principles:

This policy outlines the rules and principles for university funded allowable expenses, ensures fair and reasonable practices, and provides a framework of accountability. These procedures are in accordance with applicable federal and provincial legislation including but not limited to legislation issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the Broader Public Sector (BPS) Accountability Act and its related directives.

Compliance and Accountability:

Compliance is mandatory. Ineligible expenses will not be reimbursed. Enforcement of this policy is the responsibility of the Chair, Department Leader or Budget Manager. Schulich Finance will complete financial audits on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance.

All Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Travel & Expense Reimbursement Policies are in addition to Western University’s MAPP 2.16 Travel & Expenses Reimbursement Policies. Research expense policies derived from external organizations will supersede all Western/Schulich expense policies and are the responsibility of the researcher to adhere to.