Delegation of Signing Authority Form (DoSA)

A Delegation of Signing Authority (DoSA) is used to provide approver level authorization to spend on a specific research project(s).

The individual given Signing Authority Delegation:

  • Has authorization to spend on the research project on Mustang Market, ChemBio Stores, Machine Shop and most other on campus stores up to the specified amount, without requiring the Researcher’s approval (giving them delegation to spend on their research speedcode).

  • Allows for the individual to approve expenses up to the specified dollar amount for other individuals purchasing on the research grant in which do not have delegation.

  • Must have detailed, in-depth knowledge of the research activity occurring and therefore general administration should not receive this delegation. 
An individual only looking to be able to submit invoices or purchase request still requiring a Researcher’s approval only needs access to Mustang Market. They will be able to use their Researcher’s speedcode and the Researcher will still have the oversight to approve all expenses in which are submitted, providing more control and less room for error.

If you have any questions or concerns about the purpose of the Delegation of Signing Authority form (DoSA), please contact Schulich Finance or Research Finance.