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Race is a social construct, what does this mean for Medicine?

Take 5

A short primer:

1) In this thought-provoking video, KFF Vice President Samantha Artiga, a leading expert in Racial Equity and Health Policy, dives deep into the persistent issue of racial disparities in healthcare. She delves into how the healthcare system has historically perpetuated these inequities through biases, clinical guidelines, and medical education. However, she also highlights the promising efforts within the medical community to reevaluate and reform the use of race in healthcare, moving towards a race-conscious approach. This video is part of the "In Focus with KFF" series, providing invaluable insights into pressing health care issues.

Kaiser Family Foundation. (2022). "In Focus with KFF: Rethinking the Use of Race in Medicine". YouTube. Retrieved September 11, 2023, from https://youtu.be/TXYOM6tmEWA

2) Article: Race Conflated with Ancestry

In this insightful article published in Science, Michael Yudell, Dorothy Roberts, Rob DeSalle, and Sarah Tishkoff tackle the complex issue of race in genetic research. They discuss how, despite calls to move away from using race as a variable in genetic studies after the human genome was sequenced, it has paradoxically seen an increase in usage. The authors highlight that the use of race as a biological category is problematic and potentially harmful.

Read the article: Taking race out of human genetics: Engaging a century-long debate about the role of race in science (PDF)

Yudell, M., Roberts, D., DeSalle, R., & Tishkoff, S. (2016). Taking race out of human genetics. Science, 351(6273), 564-565. https://doi.org/10.1126/science.aac4951


Take 15

Going beyond the basics:

In this compelling TED Talk, social justice advocate and law scholar Dorothy Roberts delivers a precise and powerful message: race-based medicine is, in her view, detrimental to healthcare. She sheds light on the persistence of race-based medical practices in today's healthcare system, where doctors sometimes rely on a patient's skin color to make critical decisions about pain tolerance and other medical aspects, rather than employing medical observation and measurement. Roberts emphasizes the need to abandon this approach and work towards ending the social inequalities that perpetuate it. This talk is a powerful call to action for healthcare reform.

Dorothy Roberts. (2016). "The problem with race-based medicine". YouTube. Retrieved September 11, 2023, from https://youtu.be/KxLMjn4WPBY

Microaggressions and Health Care

Take 5

This video, created for McGill University's School of Medicine, explores the topic of microaggressions.

Microaggressions are indirect, subtle and often unintentional acts of harassment or discrimination. They are a form of mistreatment that can occur in clinical settings and various learning environments.

Please be aware that the scenarios depicted in this video may evoke emotional reactions. They serve as illustrations of various microaggressions but do not encompass all possible instances.

McGill University. (2022). "Our Words Matter". YouTube. Retrieved September 20, 2023, from https://youtu.be/XnHmGJ9F1q0?si=p44mxVaOYHHiq_bH

Take 15

1) We recommend taking some time to explore the informative website developed by The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. This resource thoughtfully categorizes microaggressions and offers numerous examples for in-depth understanding.

2) In this enlightening TEDx Talk, 'Dismantling Microaggressions Through the Power of Connection' Dr. Toya Webb, a fervent advocate for social justice, presents a compelling discourse based on her recently published study on racial microaggressions. Her research delves into the profound impact of commonly held stereotypes, with a focus on amplifying the voices of African-American women in leadership. This presentation serves as a valuable resource with universal lessons for all.

TEDx Talks. (2021, April 2). Dismantling Microaggressions Through the Power of Connection | Toya Webb | TEDxRushU [Video]. YouTube. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/NJWkSBtUag8?si=GF4VQNl9By6Jo7Tq