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Explore a range of online modules and training resources covering various aspects of equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization. This is not an exhaustive list. Resources external to Western University are offered as connections and opportunities for learning and sharing knowledge, not explicit endorsement.

Stay connected to stay updated. If you have suggestions or feedback on these resources, please don't hesitate to contact us at edid@schulich.uwo.ca. Your insights can help us continually improve and adapt to meet your needs.

EDI Online Education and Trainings

Western Office of EDI - Certificate Programs

Western Office of EDI - Online Modules

Continuing Professional Development (Schulich CPD) - Faculty Development Resources

Inclusive Science 4 All - resource developed by Council on Reforming Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for Trainees (CREDIT) funded by Virtual Learning Strategy eCampus Ontario

ACGME Equity Matters™ - Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education - A resource to encourage and adopt equity and inclusion practices in Post-Graduate Medical Education - Requires creation of a free login to access

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Learning Exchange – Healthcare Excellence Canada

Transforming Power and White Privilege – Western University (OWL Learning Management System)

Inclusion and Privilege - Training Module - Microsoft

Ontario Human Rights Commission – Human Rights 101

Anti-Racism Online Education and Trainings

Building Inclusivity Through Anti-Racism - Western University (OWL Learning Management System)

Call it out: Racism, Racial Discrimination and Human Rights – Ontario Human Rights Commission

Introduction to Anti-Black Racism eLearning Module – Toronto Academic Health Science Network

Dismantling Anti-Black Racism: A Toolkit for Health Professionals - Queen's University Faculty of Health Sciences

Historical Review of Racism in Canada – Western University (OWL Learning Management System)

Unpacking and Addressing Anti-Asian Racism - Western University (OWL Learning Management System)

Unpacking and Addressing Islamophobia - Western University (OWL Learning Management System)

Unpacking and Addressing Antisemitism - Western University (OWL Learning Management System)

Indigenous Awareness and Cultural Safety Online Education and Trainings

Indigenous Canada – University of Alberta - 12-lesson Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) from the Faculty of Native Studies that explores the different histories and contemporary perspectives of Indigenous peoples living in Canada.

Indigenous Education Modules (6 modules) - University of Toronto - Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Online Resource User Guide: 4 Seasons of Reconciliation and The Path – Indigenous Learning Space

Western Libraries and the Office of Indigenous Initiatives have collaborated to procure licensing for the use of two online learning courses, created by external organizations, to give staff, faculty, students and leadership foundational context on Reconciliation and Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Both resources live on OWL, and the files can be imported into OWL course sites.

San’yas Anti-Racism Indigenous Cultural Safety Training Program

Indigenous Relationship and Cultural Awareness Courses – Cancer Care Ontario - requires creation of a free login through Ontario Health's E-Learning Site

Bias Online Education and Trainings

Bias and Microaggressions: Impact, Prevention, and Intervention – Western University (OWL Learning Management System)

Unconscious Bias Education Modules – Toronto Initiative for Diversity and Excellence

Understanding Unconscious Bias - Training Module - Microsoft

Unconscious Bias in Medicine (CME) - Stanford School of Medicine

Bias in Peer Review - CIHR and Canada Research Chairs - Training Module

Bias Breakers: Continuous Practice for Admissions and Selection Committees
Nakae S, Palermo AG, Sun M, Byakod R, La T. Bias Breakers: Continuous Practice for Admissions and Selection Committees. MedEdPORTAL. 2022;18:11285. https://doi.org/10.15766/mep_2374-8265.11285

Gender Related Online Education and Trainings

UBC Learning Environment Modules - Gender Bias in the Learning Environment - Learning Module

Online Training Modules: Integrating Sex and Gender in Health Research (CIHR)

Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus)

Gender Transformative Health Promotion (online course) - Centre of Excellence For Women's Health

Intro to Gender Diversity – Expanded - Requires creation of a free login to access

2SLGBTQIA+ Health Online Education and Training

Rainbow Health Ontario Online Learning Platform

The Safe Zone Project - Self-Guided Foundational Safe Zone Training

Knowledge Mobilization: LGBTQ2S+ Inclusion on Campuses – Thriving On Campus

Trauma and Violence Informed Care

Trauma and Violence-Informed Care Foundations Curriculum - EQUIP Health Care - Equipping Health & Social Services for Equity