2022 Archived Grand Rounds Videos


Date Presenter Title Video Link
03-Jun-22 Dr. Lise Bondy Summertime and the Living is Sweaty:
Infectious Diseases of the Summer
10-Jun-22 Dr. Robert McKelvie Heart Failure Management: Do My Patients
Need To Take So Many Medications? Does
There Need To Be A Change In the System
To Manage Patients With Heart Failure?
17-Jun-22 Elysée Nouvet Beyond Silence and Isolation: Hospitalized
Death and Dying from Ebola to Covid
24-Jun-22 Brenna Kaschor Managing Patients Who Use Substances on the Inpatient Units, Part 1: Neurobiology of Addiction, Comorbidities and The Role of Childhood Trauma video
08-Jul-22 Brenna Kaschor Managing Patients Who Use Substances on the Inpatient Units, Part 2: Practical Tips and Patient Perspectives - Risks of LAMA and How To Manage Using a Case-Based Approach video
15-Jul-22 Sabrina Fallavollita Exploring the Thresholds of Reasoning Required for Transformation Along the Journey from Novice Learner to Expert Physician video
22-Jul-22 Sue Miller Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) –
Updates and Changes
29-Jul-22 Dr. Rochelle Johnstone A Whirlwind Review of Syphilis – the STI That’s Making a Come Back video
05-Aug-22 Dr. Mohammad Qasim Khan Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: The Silent Pandemic
12-Aug-22 Dr. Saira Zafar Reducing Readmissions of General Medicine Patients Admitted to CTU by Enhancing Patient’s Capacity for Self-Care: A Transitional Coach Intervention Study video
19-Aug-22 Dr. Robert Hegele What’s New in Lipids? video
26-Aug-22 Dr. Tayyab Khan Obesity Treatment – It Is About Time video
02-Sep-22 Dr. Wael Haddara Because Critical Care is a Need, Not a Place: Remote ICU Technology at LHSC video