2020 Archived Grand Rounds Videos


Date Presenter Title Video Link Links
10-Dec-20 Marat Slessarev Innovation in the time of global pandemic video  
03-Dec-20 Adam Dukelow Hospital Wide Quality Improvement Discussion and Open Forum with your Chief Medical Officer video  
26-Nov-20 Tristan Boyd Enteropathic Arthritis in 2020: from Diagnosis to Treatment video  
19-Nov-20 Patrick Teefy Update on Combination Anti-Platelet and Oral Anticoagulant Therapy in Cardiology: Triple Therapy, Triple Threat. video  
12-Nov-20 Andrea Sereda Fentanyl, the Opioid Crisis & the Injection Drug User: Re-Imagining Solutions video  
05-Nov-20 Anthony Tang Digital Healthcare in the Post-COVID World video  
29-Oct-20 George Dresser Thinning blood to prevent vascular disease: Back to the Future in 2020 video  
22-Oct-20 Richard Kim Personalized Medicine for Breast Cancer, IBD, and GERD Therapeutics video  
15-Oct-20 Jaspreet Bhangu Cardiovascular Associations of Falls in the Elderly Video  
08-Oct-20 Rob Hegele Lipid update for the post-COVID-19 world video  
01-Oct-20 Pari Basharat Could This Be Myositis? Spectrum of Signs and Symptoms of Inflammatory Myopathies video  
24-Sep-20 Roya Etemad-Rezai So Many Modalities in Radiology. How do I know what to order? Video pt 1  Video pt 2  
17-Sep-20 Lauren Capriano Modelling the Second Wave of COVID-19 video  
10-Sep-20 Ashley Huitema CARDIAC REHABILITATION AND COVID-19; A New frontier in London Video  
03-Sep-20 Drs. S. Mehta and S. Kassirian Diagnosis and management of ARDS: Lessons learned from COVID-19 video  
27-Aug-20 NO ROUNDS  NO ROUNDS    
20-Aug-20 Ian Ball Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines for Organ Donor Management video  
13-Aug-20 Tim Miao New Guidelines on the Use of Intravenous Iodinated & Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents in Patients with Kidney Disease: Time for a Change? Video  
06-Aug-20 Drs. Devlin, Spicer, Mrkobrada & Nicholson A Narrative Review of LUC3: LHSC's Novel Virtual COVID-19 Clinic Video  
30-Jul-20 Paul Adams Diagnosis of Hemochromatosis by Whole Genomic Sequencing – Mining the UK Biobank Video  
23-Jul-20 Mayur Brahmania Novel Therapies in the Management of HCC Video  
16-Jul-20 Chris Brymer The 300 Medications Most Commonly Prescribed for Ontario’s Seniors: an evidence-based review video slides
09-Jul-20 Tarek Loubani Rapid Response medical device production Video  
02-Jul-20 NO ROUNDS  NO ROUNDS    
25-Jun-20 Sheri-Lynn Kane Core Internal Medicine CBD Launch: A Year in Review Video  
18-Jun-20 Sabe De COVID-19: Cardiovascular Implications Video  
11-Jun-20 NO ROUNDS  NO ROUNDS    
04-Jun-20 Samira Jeimy Approach to beta-lactam allergy: paradigm shifts in adverse drug reactions Video  
28-May-20 Andrea Lum Schulich Faculty Affairs, during Pandemic times, 2020 and beyond! video  
21-May-20 Taryn Taylor In Situ Simulation: Bridging the gap between policy, education and practice video  
14-May-20 Bill McCauley Playing in the COVID Sandbox: Duty, Fear and Supporting Each Other video  
07-May-20 Andrew Appleton Well-being during COVID-19 and Beyond video  
30-Apr-20 Michael Payne De-escalation of Covid-19 precautions: An Update and Q&A from Infection Control video  
23-Apr-20 Paul Cameron Outcomes and CPR in COVID Video  
16-Apr-20 Sameer Elsayed COVID-19 Updates Video slides
09-Apr-20 Paul Cameron COVID-19 Critical Care Perspective -- on Twitter @CriticalLondon  (Critical Care London YouTube link ->) Video YouTube
02-Apr-20 Megan Devlin with Michael Payne COVID-19 Updates   slides
26-Mar-20 NO ROUNDS      
19-Mar-20 NO ROUNDS      
12-Mar-20 NO ROUNDS      
05-Mar-20 Manuel Montero-Odasso Polypharmacy, Gait Disturbances, and Falls in older adults. An entangled relationship 157458192  
27-Feb-20 Jason Frank Leading Big Change:  The Challenge of Large Scale Innovation in Medicine & Medical Education 157457795  
20-Feb-20 Karim Qumosani HBV Past Present and Future 157457342  
13-Feb-20 Nitin Khanna ERCP in 2020: Indications and complications 157456821  
06-Feb-20 Paul Adams Hemochromatosis: Ancient to the Future 2020 Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver Annual Lectureship 157456272  
30-Jan-20 Michael Silverman and Michael Payne 2019 novel Coronavirus. What do we know now and what should we do? 157455834  
23-Jan-20 Andrew House Medical Detective Stories 157455400  
16-Jan-20 Hannah Roberts Eosinophilic Esophagitis no webcast  
09-Jan-20 Mark Goldszmidt Resuscitation Preferences Conversations: Why we sometimes get them wrong and how we can move to getting them right (More often, hopefully) 157452196  
02-Jan-20 NO ROUNDS