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Financial Matters

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Tuition & Other Fees

Fees are payable in full or by the installment plan. Tuition Fees cover instruction, library facilities, examinations, diploma, use of laboratory supplies, apparatus, basic materials and articles of instruction. Compulsory Kit Fees include: required itemized equipment, clothing and manuals, which become the property of the student and laundry fees during enrolment.

Current and historic fee schedules can be found on the Office of the Registrar's website.

Budgeting Guide

It is necessary to decide how you will finance these expenses. Successfully financing your education means careful planning and close attention to budgeting. Identifying financial resources, estimating costs and developing strategies to meet these costs should be a part of your plan to attend Dental School.

The budget figures below are based on the average expenses for a dental student and are formulated individually according to year of program. These budgets are designed to stimulate thoughts about your needs and to offer some suggestions as to what your budget might look like.

Based on 2016-2017 Dentistry Student Fees