Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) & Internationally Trained Dentists (ITD) Program

Photograph of DDS graduation ceremony

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 on the completion of your program and your graduation. What a momentous occasion this is.

While it is not the year-end or graduation any of us expected, I do hope you are able to celebrate it with loved ones and friends – in person or virtually – and that you take the time to reflect on your achievements and those of your class.

Your Class has experienced incredible change throughout your years in dentistry. In turn, you have enriched the research and education programs at the School, increased the engagement of students with leadership, embraced a new approach to the curriculum, raised funds for the DOCS program and strengthened the culture at the School and the future of dental education at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

Now, as you are moving onto the next stages of your education and career, I want to thank you for spending the past few years with us, and for making such a positive impact on our School.

I wish you all the best and hope that in the coming years, you will stay connected with us – tell us about your lives, your careers, and come back to visit us often.

Congratulations once again.

Dr. John Yoo

Doctor of Dental Surgery

  • Mohamad Abu Sharkh
  • Waqar Ahmad
  • Amr Alsabbagh
  • Aaron Ferreira Anastacio
  • David Au
  • Ashwin Aaskaran
  • Amanda Bielak
  • Joseph Camaj
  • Megan Checora
  • Yoon Chi
  • Christian Colavecchia
  • Katelyn Colwell
  • Andres Cordova
  • Omar Dajani
  • Brittany Davies
  • Kristen Desranleau
  • Katie Dhaliwal
  • Lauren Doherty
  • Trent Fallis
  • Jaso, Gopaul
  • Adam Hasanee
  • Andrew Hogan-Cann
  • Christine Huynh
  • Theadora Imbrogno
  • Timothea Le
  • Lucy Leon
  • Jirui Li
  • Marcia Llacuachaqui
  • Marshall Dominic MacPherson 
  • Michael Marianovski
  • Rahim Massie
  • Cameron Mate
  • Sarah McVey 
  • Casandra Merrill
  • Khallil Mokdad
  • Trent Murphy
  • Christian Mustapic 
  • Joy Nehme
  • Andrew Nevill
  • David Nguyen 
  • Andrew Park
  • Dae Hee Park
  • Mohammad Parsanejad
  • Alexander Tak Lun Siu
  • Alanna Skot
  • Jazz Smyl Joly
  • Jona Szakacs
  • Ajay Kumar Thakar
  • Christine To
  • Sumeeta Warraich
  • Linxi Xie
  • Nicholas Yap
  • Shokoufeh Yaseri 
  • Basel Zbib 
  • Rachel Ziliotto 

Internationally Trained Dentists

  • Hiba Al Shawafi
  • Sahil Aujla
  • Puneet Bhatnagar
  • Navneet Kaur Brar
  • Patrizia Cannata
  • Navreen Chhina
  • Vanessa Mendes
  • Usman Nemat 
  • Jignesh Ratilal Patel
  • Mahwish Raza
  • Karan Sally
  • Vijay Pal Singh
  • Hamid Tamimi
  • Jyotsna Bhatia
  • Iqbaljot Dhunna
  • Gurwinder Singh Malhi
  • Varun Mohan
  • Harika Thatipalli