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CERI Annual Research Symposium 2017 - Award Winners

Thank you to all who attended and presented at our CERI Annual Research Symposium on Tuesday October 3rd, 2017.  It was yet another amazing day full of thoughtful, creative and impactful work by our community.  We look forward to seeing you again next year!


We would like to announce and congratulate the individuals who were selected for our 2017 Symposium Awards:



Winner of the Carol P. Herbert Award for Outstanding Research Paper:

Taylor Roebotham, “Beyond Catharsis: the Nuanced Emotion of Patient Storytellers in an Educational Role”


Winner of the David J. Hollomby Award for Outstanding Oral Abstract Presentation:

Dr. Saad Chahine, “Entrusting the parts is Not the Same as Entrusting the Whole: A Study of the Senior Medical Resident on Call Role”


Winner of the Award for Outstanding Virtual Poster Presentation:

Colin Evans, “Assessing Non-technical Skill in Prehospital Ad Hoc Team Resuscitation”



Congratulations to all for their outstanding research and presentations at the conference.


Sincere thanks to our Research Paper Award Committee – Dr. Sayra Cristancho (Chair), Dr. Saad Chahine, Dr. Javeed Sukhera, and Emily Field – for careful work adjudicating the research papers.  Our appreciation to everyone who evaluation oral presentations and voted for best virtual poster at the conference.