• MD Curriculum Renewal: Faculty Request

    May, 2019
    Faculty will be the key to the success of the MD Program curriculum renewal, and there is a new opportunity for faculty to be involved in a number of roles including coaches, facilitators, mentors and others. Learn more about these roles and how you can become involved.

  • MD Curriculum Renewal: Entrustable Professional Activities

    April, 2019
    With the launch of the renewed MD Curriculum in September 2019, the Association of the Faculties of Medicine of Canada Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) will be integrated into the renewed four-year curriculum. Learn more about the EPAs, and find out which of your colleagues is on the task force supporting this work.

  • MD Curriculum Renewal

    March, 2019
    This month, we are providing more details on the integrated medical education components of the renewed curriculum. We have also prepared a short video highlighting some of the key elements of the curriculum renewal.


  • New UME curriculum unveiled

    November, 2018
    With physicians expectations changing, the needs, interests, and learning styles of medical students changing, and societies expectations for a greater inclusion of cultural safety in the delivery of health care increasing – medical education must change. Schulich Medicine is embarking on a curriculum renewal for the MD Program to meet the changing needs of society. This transition will begin to be implemented in September 2019 and will continue through phases in the coming years.