Clinical Pharmacology


Western University has a long and distinguished history of activity and excellence in Clinical Pharmacology. The increasingly complicated nature of paediatric care along with the increasing use of pharmacology for the control, cure and prevention of illness among children increases the need for specialists in this critical area.

Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicologysub-specialties of Paediatrics.

The first focuses on drugs and their effects on infants, children and mothers, including considerations of efficacy, safety and optimal therapy. Toxicology deals with the toxic effects of drugs and environmental agents on children, mothers and the developing fetus.

There are two outpatient clinics, ADR (Adverse Drug Reaction), and FRAME (Fetal Risk Assessment from Maternal Exposure) Both were established in 1989 and are now located at Children's Hospital.

The Team:

A multi-disciplinary team of paediatric physicians, pharmacists, research associates and trainees. Clinical Pharmacologists are board certified in their primary speciality and have received further training in paediatric Clinical Pharmacology and in addition often training in other sub-speciality areas Clinical Pharmacologists are academic physicians with multiple roles within the hospital including cutting-edge research, teaching and committee work

The Facts:

  • Formed in 1988
  • Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology provides 3 months of inpatients coverage on the CTU each year
  • Two out-patient services (ADR, FRAME)
  • In-patient consulting service
  • Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory established in 1989
    • Supported by external grants
    • Provides support to the Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology of the Department of Medicine
    • Goal of expanding basic science research into the area of drug safety, personalized medicine for children and pharmacogenetics and to develop a collaborative research program with other researchers
  • Clinical Investigation program with collaborations with other child health care specialists in the area of optimal drug therapy for children
  • Part of the integrated program in Clinical Pharmacology and Personalized Medicine at the University of Western Ontario