Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s strength is its people – its learners, faculty, and staff. Our ability to innovate and to influence health care locally and globally relies on enabling Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s people to thrive.

For people to thrive, they must have access to opportunities to stretch their capabilities and develop their talents. They must feel a sense of belonging within a community that is safe, inclusive, and collegial. And they must know that their contributions matter. Our people must feel valued.


  • Enhance opportunities for the professional development of faculty and staff.
  • Invest in leadership development for faculty, staff, and learners.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of faculty at distributed sites and support their career development.
  • Ensure that the full range of faculty academic activities is properly valued in promotions processes.
  • Identify, develop, and support faculty whose focus is teaching and education scholarship.
  • Strengthen approaches to faculty and learner wellness.
  • Support and strengthen learner engagement.
  • Strengthen mentorship programs for faculty at all academic ranks.
  • Ensure that an ethos of respect, fairness, and belonging is embedded into the culture of departments and other groups.


Strategic Plan

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