Educational Excellence

Educational excellence will be the cornerstone of our success. Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s – educational reach is broad, encompassing medicine, dentistry, public health, and undergraduate and graduate training in the biomedical sciences. Nurturing excellence across these programs will require careful and ongoing attention. But maintaining excellence is not enough. We will distinguish ourselves through innovative, forward-thinking curriculum design and through an overarching commitment to research and scholarship in education.


  • Renew the Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMSc) program through enhanced experiential learning focused on students’ career goals, careful growth, and internationalization.
  • Enhance interdisciplinarity in our graduate programming.
  • Attend to career development for BMSc, graduate, and postdoctoral learners.
  • Strengthen dental education, focusing on clinical training excellence and increased postgraduate opportunities.
  • Renew the MD curriculum, integrating education around clinical experience.
  • Create innovative opportunities for medical students through MD+.
  • Nurture excellence and leadership in postgraduate medical education.
  • Support lifelong learning through a renewed commitment to continuing professional development.
  • Build high-level quality and consistency in education programs through a dedicated academy of educators.
  • Advance education research and scholarship across the School.


Strategic Plan

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