Schulich Medicine & Dentistry meets the big screen – the School launches six new videos

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Introducing Schulich Medicine & Dentistry's six brand new videos profiling the School, its dedication to social responsibility, and four of its unique education programs. In keeping with the strategic plan, the Communications Team is constantly exploring new ways to tell the School's story with the aim of continuing to raise awareness about who we are and what the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry is all about.

Starting late last spring, the Communications Team began working to produce these videos with a focus on highlighting the School's commitment to community and showcasing four of its education programs including Undergraduate Medical Education, Postgraduate Education, Dentistry and Graduate Studies.

The hope is that faculty, staff and students will use these videos to help spread the word about the amazing work that is being done here and what makes Schulich Medicine & Dentistry a premier destination for education, research and advancement.

Watch the videos

Optimizing Life-long Health (Schulich Medicine & Dentistry's core video) - click here to watch.

Commitment to Community - click here to watch

Undergraduate Medical Education - click here to watch

Dentistry - click here to watch

Graduate Studies - click here to watch

Postgraduate Education - click here to watch