Dr. Chris Brandl awarded the Biomedical Science Ambassador Award

Monday, March 11, 2013

Congratulations to Dr. Chris Brandl who has been awarded the Biomedical Science Ambassador Award by Partners in Research. This award will be presented at the Partners in Research National Awards Dinner to be held on June 2.

Dr. Brandl has been named the recipient of this award for his "outstanding contributions to biomedical science, and his education and outreach activities, which have contributed to enhanced public understanding of the benefits of biomedical research." A listing of past recipients of this award can be found at:

One of Dr. Brandl's many notable accomplishments that contributed to his dossier, is his role in outreach that includes a Biotechnology Module for High School classrooms. For more information on this module, visit www.biochem.uwo.ca/oso/default.html