Congratulations to our Class of 2013 on the success in the CaRMS resident match

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Undergraduate Medical Education, Learner Equity and Wellness and Windsor Program Offices wish to congratulate the members of our Class of 2013 on the success in the CaRMS resident match.

Schulich Medicine had 158 students in the match. Of these, 153 were matched, many to very competitive residency positions. This included three students from past classes who re-entered the match and our graduating class.

We are proud of this milestone for this class. All unmatched students were from our London Program. This year each Canadian school had unmatched students nationally, and our School's results rank among the very best in the country. However, there are five class members who, by circumstance of the CaRMS process and application to extremely competitive programs were not matched. Undergraduate Medical Education and Learner Equity and Wellness are committed to assisting each student in achieving success in the next iteration of the match process.

We wish to congratulate this class and our faculty who supported their growth over the past four years.