Schulich's vision and strategic plan

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This year the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry undertook a strategic planning process to build on its current and emerging strengths in order to foster continued improvement and growth. The result is a set of six strategic directions which will lead the School in becoming a global leader in optimizing life-long health through innovations in research, education and active engagement with the community.

"I am excited and energized by this vision," says Dean Michael Strong. "It is a destination that we can all move towards. I believe that faculty and staff, individually and collectively, can all contribute to our destination. It means making a difference to the health of our community through our academic mandate."

The plan outlines goals and milestones over the next five and ten years in each of the six areas listed below.

1: Create knowledge in the science of healthy and successful development and aging across the life span

2: Strengthen knowledge translation to achieve health benefits for individuals and populations

3: Become a destination of choice for exceptional education and learning

4: Develop sustainable partnerships, networks and global initiatives

5: Lead in programs that foster the growth and success of faculty and staff

6: Enhance communications and profile for greater impact

The full strategic plan is available on the Schulich homepage and here.

Due to the large file size it is recomended to download and save the file instead of viewing online.