Anatomy technician receives Western Award of Excellence

Friday, January 30, 2009

The fourth annual Award of Excellence generated more than 70 nominations for Western's highest recognition for staff members. Recipients have been acknowledged as embodying Western's values of respect, integrity and commitment.

By the nature of her position, Haley Linklater is a behind the scenes kind of person. Managing and preparing specimens donated through the Body Bequeathal program at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Linklater has been a positive infl uence on the workplace,teaching lab, and the student's quality of education far beyond the doors of the lab.

At Western for four years, Linklater is part of a team of six anatomists and 20 graduate students. She grew quickly in her role, organizing decades of anatomical
specimens, equipment, and laboratory neglect, and brought a fresh face to her team.

"Her hand has affected us all positively and allowed each of us to reach higher potential in our own professional growth through her workplace altruism and dedication," says Schulich professor Tim Wilson.

Although potentially the most macabre job on campus, Linklater has been a big part of the educational chain. Without her organization, dedication, foresight, and down-to-earth approach, all the educators and teaching assistants in the lab would be less well-equipped, and working more like individuals than as a team.

Every year, Linklater organizes a large memorial service for all the families that have donated loved ones to the program. While this is a large job, Linklater makes it a point that students prepare statements for the service, which has resulted in "marked growth, increased confi dence, and blossoming maturity" for the students and genuine appreciation from the families.

"Linklater's perseverance to understand multiple course curricula, to have bodies prepared, lab equipment ready, and the environment organized is evident everywhere she puts her hand," says Wilson.

Her nominators describe her as part funeral director, part scientist, part counsellor and part technician - "a unique and talented person and without concern for herself, encouraging us all serve to a higher level through example."

Congratulations to Haley and other nominees from Schulich Medicine & Dentistry including:

  • Leslie Meredith, Department of Family Medicine
  • Sherri Moore, Undergraduate Medical Education
  • Cynthia Pope, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
  • Dale Shelley, Postgraduate Medical Education
  • Robarts Building Services team

The Western Awards of Excellence are presented during the Staff and Leaders Conference, Tuesday, February 17, 2009 from 2:30 to 4:30 in The Great Hall.

*excerpt taken from Western News Thursday, January 29. For full Awards coverage, see