Andrew Burke (Meds 2009) wins National Student Research Forum

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Andrew Burke (Meds 2009) wins National Student Research Forum

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry wishes to congratulate third year medical student Andrew Burke, on winning the National Student Research Forum, Best Oral Presentation and Scientific Manuscript in Immunology.

Andrew's research investigated how stem cells from placenta are immune-suppressive and how these unique cells could play a role in why the mother's immune system does not react against the developing fetus. He was selected to enter the international competition after winning the Dr. L. DeWitt Wilcox Award, in an internal competition at Western. The award provided funding to attend the conference in Galveston.

"I felt very prepared to represent Western thanks to the Summer Research Training Program and having outstanding guidance from Dr. Victor Han's Lab," says Andrew "I am thankful for the opportunity to participate."

Dr. Han, Associate Dean of Research, is especially proud. "This is indeed a great achievement. You were being judged among all of the medical student trainees from schools across the US and Canada. Thank you for bringing this honour back to our medical school."