Kilimanjaro climb

Monday, January 7, 2008

Support Tim Liddiard and Francis Chan in taking action in the fight against prostate cancer….

In the evening of August 29, 2006, three months before Tim Liddiard and Dr. Francis Chan were scheduled to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (5895 metres - 19340 feet), Tim was told that he had prostate cancer. In the subsequent months, Tim went through an emotional roller-coaster, but he steadfastly prepared himself for surgery and its aftermath - he adopted a rigorous exercise program, lost 5 kg, modified his diet, and abided to a "one test at a time" philosophy.

Now, 10 months after expert surgical care by Dr. Joseph Chin and compassionate primary care from Dr. Darius Ho, Tim is reviving his plan to climb Kilimanjaro with Francis in late January, 2008. Tim has undetectable level of PSA in 3 consecutive blood tests. This past summer, they prepared themselves by backpacking and trekking 150 km over 10 days in the Canadian Rockies. They feel that they are ready to climb the tall mountain, but this time around, they have an additional mission: to raise $3.28 for every metre of Mt.Kilimanjaro that they hope to conquer.

The goal of the climb is to show that prostate cancer need not be a death sentence. Through research and education, prevention can be possible. Fighting cancer and climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro are both uphill struggles, but survivors and determined climbers alike have learned that they can handle these challenges if they take it "one step at a time". Tim and Francis are hoping to raise $19,340 for research and educational programs at the London Regional Cancer Centre, and they hope that you will help them to achieve this goal.

Please help Francis and Tim reach their fundraising goal of at least $19,340 for translational cancer research at the London Regional Cancer Centre. Donations can be made at