Food for Thought -cookbooks now available

Thursday, November 29, 2007


A Collection of Recipes for Students

from Schulich Faculty & Staff

"Cooking, like Medicine, is an art as well as a science," observes Carol Herbert, Dean of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, in her Foreword to Food for Thought, a collection of recipes for students from Schulich Faculty and Staff. "What we eat, how we prepare and serve meals, and the social aspects of eating all have impact on our health and well-being."

Food for Thought is an intitiative of the Student Support Team (SST) to promote medical student well-being. "The recipes are meant to promote healthy cooking and enjoyment of food, something students, who are often tempted to eat take-out, may be missing," says Erin Chapman, Meds 2009. "As we created the book, we also realized that it would be a great souvenir of the students' time in medical school as the recipes were kindly submitted by some of their favorite professors. In most cases, the recipes also reflect the personalities of the contributors."

The Dean agrees. "Each recipe tells us something about the person who has shared it, reflecting their cultural or family history and their experiences, as well as their tastes." She has included her recipe for Apple Cream Cheese Torte.

Some of the other recipes include Darla MacNeil's Crab Dip, Quim Madrenas' Gazpacho Andaluz, Francis Chan's Grilled Tuna in Vietnamese Marinade and Marjorie Johnson's Parsnip and Carrot Soup.

Faculty liaison Dr. Rob Hammond (Chicken Pad Thai) says profits from Food for Thought will be donated to the London and Area Food Bank. Cookbooks are $10.00 for students and $20.00 for faculty and staff. They can be purchased by contacting members of the 2010 SST: Raman Rai and Alysha Ladha at