Schulich United Way campaign nearing 50%

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Schulich Medicine & Dentistry has raised $33,261 for the United Way so far! Our goal is $75,000. Thank you to all those who have already contributed.

Your donation makes a difference!

If you donate $104, or only $2 per week, you'll help volunteers answer the calls of 11 people in crisis or distress. (London District Distress Centre)

For $250, or $4.81 per week, you will help five children from low-income families build positive social and emotional skills and help keep them off the streets.

For $550 per year, or $10.57 per week, you will help match a young girl with a Big Sister for one-to-one friendship that will build her strengths and abilities.

By giving $1,000, or $2.74 per day, you will be recognized as a Leadership Donor. Your gift will help eight children from low-income, disadvantaged families experience the joy of a week at summer camp. (Stevenson Children's Camp)

More reasons to hand in your pledge card!

Even if you weren't one of the winners in Western's early bird draw, you could still win. Schulich Medicine & Dentistry is holding its own United Way draw, and everyone who returns their pledge card by November 26th is eligible. The prizes are still being rounded up but include:

- a beautiful leather portfolio, stamped with the Schulich logo

- Schulich cookbooks - hot off the press - with recipes from Schulich faculty and staff

- Western Mustang hockey tickets

- coveted parking passes (park at SDRI for a week)

- other Schulich Medicine & Dentistry "swag"

Reminder: pledge forms can be returned to:

Glenda Ogilvie, Medical Sciences, MSB 443B

Tracey Koning, Dental Sciences, DSB 4044

Kathy Dantzer, ResearchPark, MOG 227

Yanti Setiawati, Dean's Office, CSB 3700

Kris Dundas, Communications, CSB 3704

Kathy Wallis, Media Relations, CSB 3705

If you didn't receive a pledge form, or have misplaced yours, call Kathy or Kris at ext. 81136 or 86415, and we'll get one to you.

Without you, there would be no way.